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Applied Products Development

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Engines for Construction Machinery and Industrial Equipment

Applied Products Development Group is a development and design group to offer engines as power sources to customers of various fields such as marine engines, generators, railways, construction machinery, and industrial equipment, excluding Komatsu group companies.
Based on a Komatsu engine that was developed for construction machinery, we design and develop diesel engines that meet various application needs while keeping the excellent performance, reliability, and durability of the original engine. We believe that our diesel engines will become a power source to have a close relationship with our customers as well as their community, and contribute to a better society and natural environment.

Marine Engines

Image of Marine engines

Marine engine is a large power source which propels a vessel body by pushing a large quantity of seawater equivalent to the vessel’s displacement. It means the engine requires a high resistance capability against excessive load. Marine engine’s usage condition is similar to that of a bull-dozer engine’s among the construction machinery, and it needs to work continuously under such excessive load. Also, we face high user demands for high-output engines since vessels are required to be capable of being driven at a high speed these days.
In order to provide products that meet such needs, we are trying to develop new technologies everyday. Our marine engines are highly reliable products based on Komatsu engines for construction equipment, which are developed for operations under severe conditions.
Particularly a diesel engine equipped with an electronic governor, which was employed for the first time by the fishing boat market in Japan, receives high recognition for its high power output and performance. Also as a marine engine manufacturer of Japan, we successfully completed a full line of marine diesel engines that meet the emission standards.

Railway Engines

Image of Railway Engines

Railway engines developed by Komatsu are highly evaluated as a power source of diesel railcars and locomotives for their high power output, durability, and reliability. These engines are widely employed by JR companies nationwide, a third sector railways, and JR Freight.
The first engine with an electronic governor for an express diesel railcar in Japan features an innovative mission specific gear shifting control system that enables a smooth gear change. These engines received high recognition for achieving higher speed capability and improved comfortability of the railcars. Furthermore, these engines are broadly used in locomotives operated on the premises of a steel manufacturing plant in addition to the railway industry.
Our latest engine models meet emission reduction requirements for environment protection and are adapted to low-floor rail cars for barrier-free environment. Moreover, we successfully accomplished commercial production of these engines.

Generator Engines

Our generator engines for portable generators, emergency generators, and stationary generators, highly recognized for their high performance, low fuel consumption, and high durability, are employed by various generator manufacturers. Used in various fields such as industrial plants, shopping centers, and hospitals, our stationary generator engines have an overhaul durability of 16,000 hours to 20,000 hours under 24 continuous hours of full power operation.
Also, we successfully achieved commercial production of emulsion fuel engines that have excellent performance with low exhaust emissions and low fuel consumption, for the first time in the world. We offer a series of engines for portable generators, which meets emission standards of other countries in addition to those of Japan.

Image of Generator engines

Engines for Construction Machinery and Industrial Equipment

Our engines are installed in construction machinery and industrial equipment from both Japanese and foreign manufactures. These applications are operated in various areas from burning hot tropical regions to arctic regions such as Antarctica where the temperature drops to -90 degrees Celsius.

Image of Engines for construction machinery and industrial equipment