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Testing Group

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Testing group verifies and evaluates performance and durability of all the engines designed and developed by the design group.

Komatsu manufactures diesel engines with displacement from 3.3 liters to 78 liters, most of which are for construction machinery; therefore they need to be able to endure operations under severe conditions. Engine failure prevents construction machinery from operating, which will directly affect customers´ productivity. As a result, the relationship based on the trust between customers and Komatsu will be damaged.

Thus we conduct various tests under the most severe operational conditions for each component based on every possible usage scenario.

  1. Low temperature test: Various performances such as engine startability are evaluated under the condition of -50 degrees Celsius.
  2. Angularity limit test: It verifies no performance problem occurs when the construction machinery is operated on steep slopes.
  3. Stress test: It verifies whether the newly designed parts satisfy the standard value.
  4. Endurance test: Various endurance tests are performed based on the purposes such as evaluation of wear components and thermal loading load components. Then the durability of each component is evaluated.
  5. Emission performance test: It verifies whether the engine meet the emission performance standards.
  6. Noise test: It verifies whether the noise level at the body of the engine and the muffler conforms to the noise standards.
  7. High altitude performance test: It verifies whether the specified performance is maintained when the engine is operated at high altitude.

Only engines that pass all of the above tests will be put into commercial production. In developing engines that conform to Tier 3 emission standards, became effective in 2006, we conducted the above tests in order to evaluate the quality of the new injection system and EGR system and to smoothly introduce these engines into the market.

Advance research for Tier 4 exhaust emission standards that will be enforced in 2011 is currently underway to rapidly and smoothly proceed toward commercial production of Tier 4 diesel engines. We continue to make efforts to meet the demand by adding state-of-the-art measuring instruments and improving our measuring technology. Also, our policy of "quality first" will be consistently emphasized through our principle that no defective product is allowed to go on the market and any field failures are immediately treated and the quality verification is performed again.

The strength of Komatsu machinery is its high reliability and durability. Testing Group proudly forms the basis for Komatsu´ excellence.