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Comments from senior engineers

Eiji Hayakawa | Komatsu since 2001 Engine Design Group

I am engaged in the development of engines that conform to Tier3 emissions regulations starting in 2006, with confidence that I design the heart of equipment that plays an active role in the industry all around the world. I am for the improved performance of vehicles, not to mention engines. Furthermore, I always make an effort to acquire new technical skills that can be useful against many challenges regarding 2011 Tier4 emission regulations.

Kentarou Nagao | Komatsu since 2004 Engine Control Development Group

I am engaged in the development of engine control systems for Tier4 emissions regulations. In recent years, with stringent emissions regulations, it is required for engine’s electronic control systems that have expanded rapidly to be more advanced. I perform my tasks efficiently by operating a system checker and a simulator on prototypes, trying to achieve the realization of more advanced engine control systems with vehicle control.