IPA’s Role

In 1998, Komatsu - a global brand for construction and mining equipment, and Cummins – a global power technology leader, jointly launched an R&D JV named Industrial Power Alliance (IPA), Ltd.
IPA has been playing a large role for Komatsu to its growth by developing diesel engines best optimized for construction/mining equipment through collaborative engineering work by both companies.
IPA consists of groups of engineers with broad experience and expertise working consistently for product planning, design, and validation testing.
Engine Development Groups lead development programs by leveraging multiple functions within the company. These include Component Development Group working on power cylinders, turbos, and other key devices for the competitive product performance, Control & Combustion/Fuel System Development Group working on engine optimization, Testing and CAE Group working for thorough validation and evaluation on product performance and durability. Even outside the company, the teams work closely with Komatsu Vehicle Development Centers to find the best solution to make the equipment more productive and durable. It is clear that the high degree of expertise in IPA and the cross functional collaborative work within Komatsu contribute to enhance the performance and durability of Komatsu construction/mining equipment.


Image of KOMATSU Komatsu is the company to supply the products and services, which coexist with nature,for customers of all over the world,through the construction equipment, underground construction equipment,industrial machines,environmental systems and electronics industries,etc.,as a worldwide total producer of the construction equipment,and promote the activities of environmental preservation.


Image of Cummins Cummins Inc. is the leading worldwide R&D and manufacturing company of diesel engines from 55 to 3,500 horsepower and one of the world's largest producer of commercial diesel engines above 50 horsepower.
Develops superior products that continually meet or exceed emissions and noise regulations while improving fuel economy.