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1919 Cummins Engine Company, Inc. was founded.
1920 Cummins manufactured first diesel engines.
1921 Komatsu Ltd. was established to manufacture machine tools and mining equipment.
1948 Komatsu manufactured first diesel engines.
1961 Cummins and Komatsu signed License Agreement for the heavy duty NH series.
1969 Commencement of production of full line of diesel engines at Komatsu's Oyama Plant.
1993 Komatsu Cummins Engine Company, Ltd.(K.C.E.C.) and Cummins Komatsu Engine Company, Ltd. (C.K.E.C.) were established.
1998 IPA was established.
1999 4D95L engine development completion for Tier2.
2000 4D102,6D102,6D140, and 6D170 engine development completion for Tier2.
2002 Completed the joint development of SSDA18V170 (78L displacement) with the cooperation of Cummins.
2005 Completed the development of Tier3 4D107, 6D107, 6D114, 6D125, 6D140, 6D170, and Tier2 12V140 engines.
2006 Through IPA´s development contribution, sales of 2000 engine units for Japan Railways, the largest railway company group of Japan, have been realized.